India is a land of diversity. It’s like different colours in the feather of a single bird. Cultures, traditions and believes made India what it is today. But some old traditions started to become Curse, not because of its nature but because of its acceptance by the people and society. Customs, like dowry in the recent years is not shrinking but expanding and joining its hand with dangerous crimes. In the past it was started only as a tradition but it is now working in an aberrant form. To assuage it, government made an act in 1961, which is known as the Dowry Prohibition Act. In 304 B of Indian penal code it is clearly written that death of the woman caused by any burns or if it looks like an inhuman activity happened to her, within seven years of her marriage is considered to be a ‘dowry death’ and at that circumstance the husband and her in-laws would be punished. But the question arises does it really work in an exuberated manner? The answer is no. The nature of dowry in India is very vicious but still no government is interested to demolish or at least to tame the intensity of it.

The other most important factor in the context of dowry is awareness and acceptance of it as the social culture and tradition. Even the high profile people use to take dowry. Actually, now a days a boy used to compared and given dowry according to their jobs. Although education plays a very important role in changing the shape of society into more progressive and dynamic manner but sometimes educated people of Indian society support these kinds of practices.

In the context of dowry, another major factor is religious beliefs, which people generally don’t deny. Religious dictates during marriages used to be in the favour of groom. These dictates generally don’t allow inter caste or inter religious marriages which could have been the main reason behind constraining the social evils like dowry. Sometimes dowry is used to show the social status of the father of bride. A good amount of gold and goods given to the bride by her father is a scale to show the social status of her father. On the other hand, these gold and goods also indicate the value of the boy in marriage market. Only because of this kind of curse system the marriages which is considered to be a very holy thing in our society is turned out to be a business deal.

Since this system is very much supported by some people of society so it cannot be overcome only through the government initiatives but it shouldn’t be followed by people. Education have power to destroy any kind of curse so it should be promoted in the society so that people could overcome with dowry system. To eradicate dowry, there is a need of gender equality because gender inequality is a very big reason behind increasing this curse. Social awareness campaign through social media and mass media is also needed to distort the effect of it and finally some strong initiatives and programs by the government regarding awareness and imprisonment of the person who gives or take dowry is needed.

Smriti Mishra

M.A 2nd year (International Relations and area studies , JNU)

Date: 06/08/2017

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